5 Motivation Strategies for Your Sales Team

15 min read

Written by Eva

September 11, 2019

“C’mon, you’re nearing the target!”

“You can do this!”

“You’re getting there, keep going!”

Do any of these words sound familiar in your weekly sales meeting? As much as they sound motivating, does your sales team feel the energy to push further despite the many obstacles they face daily?

Let’s admit it – it’s always easier said than done when it comes to sales performance.

After all, salespersons are the warriors that fight the battle – confronting the daily barriers of rejections, no-shows, or other noes, which can be discouraging and kill their tenacity and confidence, thus exacerbating their performance and causing them to chase after the sales figures aimlessly and lose their sense of purpose in their career.

Hence, when people drive sales, what drives people? The incentive is the key.

And this is when an employee performance incentive program plays a vital role in elevating sales performances and building sales teams of better quality and productivity. Performance-based incentive programs keep your team’s momentum running high in striving for greater sales achievement leading to higher business growth, which is a win-win situation for both your team and the organisation.

An effective sales incentive program does not just grow sales but leadership, positive culture, quality of work, and efficiency.

No doubt, plummeting sales performance is a disastrous crisis for every organisation but the good news is – there are various ways to boost those sales numbers by saving your sales troops.

Let’s begin with these 5 basic strategies.

1. Build Trust

The most important fundamental step to effective communication – earning trust from others. As much as your outstanding leadership may win you the attention from your team members where they listen to you or consult you, it’s crucial to know that they trust you for leading them towards a goal. It is something in you that they see and find inspiring, and they might even want to be like you one day.

Put sales figures aside and start showing genuine interest in their passion, be considerate when they’re in difficulties, and provide guidance when they’re lost.

It’s not just about them trusting you but you trusting them too – believing they have what it takes to achieve goals together. You were once in their shoes and you know what it feels and takes to be as successful as you are today. So, let’s grow!

2. Participate

Be a part of the team to play your part. A leader walks ahead of the team to drive the members towards a goal but a good leader also walks side-by-side with the team to progress forward together at the same pace, and even behind the team to ensure everyone is on the right track and that no man is left behind.

Getting your hands dirty as the troop leader alongside the team is truly motivating and inspiring because involvement doesn’t always mean celebration. Show the rest what it takes to be a good leader and as cliché as this may sound – lead by example. Good leaders develop leaders, not just sales figures.

3. Recognise

When your sales team performs well, reward them with compliments be it a small win or a huge accomplishment. Express gratitude and show your sincere appreciation for their effort and commitment as every effort counts regardless of the results, even a simple ‘Thank You’ message.

This is when tipbit – the all-rounded sales incentive system, comes handy where it automatically generates and sends a congratulation note to your salespersons when they surpassed a certain milestone, and show them the upcoming sales target.

In this way, your team members will be more pumped up and put more effort into chasing the numbers for they know their effort is appreciated and recognised. Believe it or not – recognition at work also effectively decreases employee turnover rate!

4. Cultivate

Own the goal to own the results. Lead your sales team to set their individual or team goals that are measurable and attainable. State the goals clearly, discuss each of them to ensure they are relevant and attainable, and then strategise on the winning plan. Not to forget – get everyone together.

Each goal should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

It is also efficient to have the entire team to help each other achieve a goal, be the goal belong to an individual or is a team goal to accomplish together. This grants an opportunity to every team member to unleash their potential and utilise their expertise when they contribute to an accomplishment.

Moreover, this unity of effort and commitment gives a sense of belonging and pride to your team members when they are being recognised and appreciated.

5. Have Fun

It’s all about having fun! Celebrate every win, even if it’s a small one, or simply as an encouragement.

Hit the nearest café, organise a fast-food feast, sing your heart out at the karaoke, or embark on a hiking trail to catch a beautiful sunrise, the reward doesn’t always come in monetary terms.

Reward your sales team in any way that helps to reduce their mental fatigue and stress provoked by their daily challenges at work in chasing after the sales figures. A healthy and fun working environment not just helps to achieve greater success but develops high-quality employees. Just like the good old fashion way to put this, “work hard, play hard,” goes a long way.

These are just some of the examples and tips and there are many other motivating and inspiring ways to push the sales torque and elevate your sales team’s performance. If you have any interesting ideas, we’d like to hear from you!